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Ethafoam Stratocell Jiffy semi rigid packaging foam.
This grade of non cross linked Polyethylene foam is not fire retardant if you need fire retardant antistatic or other thicknesses please contact us. Ethafoam STPE200 Semi rigid packaging sheet. White or grey medium density non cross linked expanded polyethylene foam sheet. 100 x 120cm 39.3 x 47.2. 200 x 120cm 78.7 x 47.2. The more you buy the more you save! Terms Conditions Privacy Policy. Your JavaScript is disabled! Most websites will not work properly. Please enable JavaScript on your browser if you want to use this website.
Ethafoam Stratocell Foam Supplier Ramfoam.
Ethafoam Stratocell Polyethylene Foam. Closed cell un cross linked polyethylene foams are 100% recyclable and offer excellent value for all your packaging requirements. When EPS is unsuitable Un cross linked PE foams prove their worth. Our core grades are Ethafoam Stratocell whilst other manufacturers grades are readily available. Ethafoam and Stratocell are trade names of Sealed Air Ltd. When EPS is unsuitable un-cross linked PE foams prove their worth. Our core stock grades are Ethafoam Stratocell whilst other manufacturers grades are readily available.
Dow Ethafoam.
Ethafoam Frequently Asked Questions. ETHAFOAM products are resilient in nature giving them outstanding recovery characteristics that provide outstanding cushioning protection against repeated impacts. And ETHAFOAM products are available in a variety of strengths making them suitable for protecting products ranging from just a few pounds up to hundreds of pounds in weight. This material is available in densities ranging from 2.0 density to 9 density. These foams are also available in anti-static and formulations. This foam meets the PPC-1752D and AA-59136 specifications see the complete list of test methods and specifications. Also available in a special Military grade.
Polyethylene Foam Products.
Polyethylene foam planks sheets and blocks with a full complement of foam options in various densities colors thicknesses and properties. Ethafoam Plank Polyethylene Foam. Ethafoam Synergy Fine Cell PE Foam. Ethafoam Synergy fine-cell high performance extruded closed cell polyethylene foam products are manufactured to meet the highest quality and environmental standards. Durable lightweight flexible solid extruded product that meets the requirements for U.S.
Ethafoam Packaging Wessex PackagingWessex Packaging.
As well as this it is very lightweight and is also reusable. Because of its excellent qualities we use Ethafoam for a variety of packaging solutions including inner packaging sheets and much more. What Ethafoam can be ordered from Wessex Packaging? We sell 220E Ethafoam ready to go in sizes of 600x2750x50 but can supply a wide range of thicknesses and in either black or white. We can also supply bespoke Ethafoam cut to size for your exact requirements.
Ethafoam is a strong resilient medium-density closed-cell white polyethylene foam which is acceptable for use in the preservation of historic objects. Sold in planks 2in. thick it is an ideal material to use to cushion and protect fragile items. Ethafoam is easy to cut into the appropriate shape for particular purposes including displaying items creating cushioned housings or for protection during transportation. Ethafoam WHITE 12 x 24 x 1 in. Ethafoam BLACK 12 x 24 x 1 in. Ethafoam WHITE 108 x 24 x 1 in.
EasyFoam Ethafoam semi rigid packaging foam.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT FREE DELIVERY! STPE200 also sold under the trade names Jiffy Stratocell or Ethafoam is a medium density non cross linked expanded polyethylene foam which comes in a plank/sheet style. It is a very versatile light weight and flexible foam which is clean and non-abrasive. Provides excellent protection against persistent shocks it is the preferred choice for computer and monitor packaging as well as many other sensitive items e.g. Absorbs shock and vibration.
Ethafoam Low Density Foam Available In A Variety Of Shapes Sizes.
Galleries Fine Art Packing Shipping. Tool Control Foam Shadowboards. Frequently Asked Questions About Foam. You are Here Materials. Ethafoam is a resilient and flexible closed-cell polyethylene foam with a durability that makes it ideal for protecting just about any object as it can handle repeated shocks and impacts. In order to cushion and protect fragile items Ethafoam is machined to the required shape and size to provide cushioning furniture for the level of protection needed during shipping or storage.

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