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EUROPUR is the European association of flexible polyurethane foam blocks manufacturers.
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The company is in. Supplier of polyurethane foam foamed polyurethane flame-retardant polyurethane polyurethane upholstery moulded polyurethane polyurethane injection polyurethane rubber polyurethane Plastics industrial raw materials Tables and chairs rubber producer moulded stuffing.
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EUROPUR is the European association of flexible polyurethane foam blocks manufacturers. Polyurethane foams make our daily lives safer and more comfortable. They are vital to applications that we take for granted. Mattresses furniture cushions and car seats are just some examples. On this website you will find more information about flexible polyurethane foams their many uses and contribution to our quality of life as well as about our association and its activities. As part of the global chemical industry EUROPUR is committed to Responsible Care.
Polyurethane Foam Association.
Home search contact us faq links. About The Polyurethane Foam Association. The PFA welcomes you and appreciates your interest in our industry association. The Polyurethane Foam Association PFA is the trade association of flexible polyurethane foam FPF manufacturers and their suppliers. PFA is focused on the education of foam users and allied industries addressing technology safety and the responsible environmental and health record of FPF. The PFA was formed to find and achieve successful solutions to important issues of flammability and fire safety. Together the members of PFA account for the majority of all domestic FPF production. The mission of the Polyurethane Foam Association PFA is to educate customers and other groups about flexible polyurethane foam FPF and to promote its use in manufactured and industrial products.
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A rigid foam blank is molded shaped to specification then covered with fiberglass cloth and polyester resin. Some boat hulls have a rigid polyurethane foam core sandwiched between fiberglass skins. The foam provides strength buoyancy and sound deadening. Boat decks and outdoor marine surface areas edit. Some boat decks including U.S Navy vessels use specialized polyurethane sealants to protect from constant moisture and harsh oceanic elements. As an example Durabak-M26 uses a custom single-part polyurethane to prevent water seepage to unwanted areas. Polyurethane has been used to make several Tennis Overgrips such as Yonex Super Grap Wilson Pro Overgrip and many other grips.
Flexible Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer Recticel Flexible Foams.
Recticel Flexible Foams part of the Recticel Group is one of the worlds largest flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers. Flexible PU foam is used in a wide range of markets and applications. We invite you to have a look at our website to get an overview of the interesting world of flexible polyurethane foam. The vast array of flexible foam products is truly amazing. Hundreds if not thousands of products are made of polyurethane foam or contain parts created during flexible polyurethane foam production. You will discover that Recticel is amongst the most important flexible polyurethane foam suppliers worldwide.
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Acoustical Surfaces Chaska MN. Manufacturer Distributor Manufacturer distributor of standard custom acoustical polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam sound absorbers polyurethane foam sound barriers are available. Acoustical polyurethane foam meets non-flammable ASTM E84 class A-1 standards. Acoustical polyurethane foam is available with 1 year warranty from date of purchase. Brands Acousti-Curtain Architectural Surfaces Inc Sonex ValueLine Whiteline. Custom Manufacturer Distributor Manufacturer Custom manufacturer stocking distributor of convoluted cushioning foam made from polyurethane. Types of foam include die-cut convoluted flat sheet pick-n-pluck foam. Frank Lowe Rubber Gasket Co.

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