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The Opti-Step portfolio of flooring underlayments leverages the experience and technology of Sealed Airs foams film composites and converting capabilities. Cellu-Cushion Roll Stock/Sheet Foams.
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0800 542 44 28. Home Protective packaging Foam packaging. 9products Protect products from damage with our super-soft foam rolls blocks and profiles. From foam rolls to corner protectors Rajapack can deliver the right protective packaging solution next day. So whether youre sending furniture glassware or electricals talk to our in-house packaging experts and get the protection you need for every product pallet and package. When something as small as a scratch can devalue your products you need to be extra careful. So protect them with a layer of super-soft foam.
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76 x 100cm 30 x 39.3. 230 x 100cm 90.5 x 39.3. 230 x 200cm 90.5 x 78.7. Antistatic pink packaging sheet AS22. Anti-static packaging polyurethane foam great for packaging electronics. 230 x 200cm 90.5 x 78.7. at thickness 1/4 6.3mm. Closed cell polyethylene sheet EFP30. Black or white rigid closed cell foam non-absorbent and water proof. With or without self adhesive backing. For more information please see the closed cell foam page. 100 x 100cm 39.3 x 39.3.
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Charcoal grey in colour. Suitable for all kinds of protective packaging applications e.g. flight cases briefcases cardboard boxes. Note This foam is not fire retardant therefore is not suitable for upholstery. We also have pick pluck foam that allows you to easily modify the foam to fit your equipment. We also stock pre cut packaging foam sheets. In addition we cut closed cell polyethylene foam to size which is also suitable for packaging.
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CD30 is the standard for anti-static foam packaging and used to package electronics. This foam is pink in color and has a density of 1.4 lb/ft 3 with a 30 ILD. Rebond foam is made from recycled foam. It has an 8 lb/ft 3 density and hardness of 90 ILD. It is very firm. It's ideal for protecting very heavy items 100 lbs. It is very resistant to compression. Random is usually a cheap grade of medium-firm foam sometimes it is very firm and sometimes it is soft hence the name.
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We offer 3 kinds of packaging foam all specially designed to protect your valuable items in packaging applications. You can buy our packaging foam either cut to your exact requirements or as discounted pre-cut sheets of various dimensions. Important Packaging foam is non-fire-retardant and is not suitable for use in upholstery. On request we can provide packaging foam that is fire retardant please contact us.
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Polyethylene foam is a strong and resilient closed-cell foam. Confidently protect your products with Polyethylene Foam. 1X recycled foam block packing shipping gray protection pad lining density thick. camera instrument jewelry guitar gun case seat-cushion. These are recycled foam and each block may have some minor cut dent and indentation color variation color degradation. This is low-to-medium density foam and is semi-firm compared to other foam.
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How to Use Spray Adhesive. Free Shipping On All Orders Over 75 Within The Contiguous United States. Charcoal Pick and Pluck Foam. Pink Anti-Static Pick and Pluck Foam.

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