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Technical Data of EPP foam and EPE foam.
Home Applications / Products Polyethylene Foams Bead Foams Technical Data Quote Request. Expanded polypropylene foam EPP foam and expanded polyethylene EPE foam is produced by applying heat pressure and a blowing agent in an autoclave. The material is then made into small plastic beads. These beads are then injected into molds using steam heat and pressure to create virtually any shape. uses high quality EPP foam and EPE foam material to create EPP and EPE molded from products that are durable light weight and recyclable. Below you will find technical data about our EPP and EPE foam products.
EPE Foam Sheets Expanded Polyethylene.
100 mm Sold Out. Quantity Add to Cart. EPE Foam is a lightweight closed cell foam most commonly used in packaging for impact and shock absorption vibration dampening and surface protection. It is easily shaped formed and cut to size. EPE is dust-free and non abrasive. In roll form EPE is also used for thermal insulation often with a foiled outer surface. EPE is moisture resistant and pliable so is often used for marine buoyancy. EPE plank is available in varying thickness by the sheet. Also available in full rolls and cut to size. Sheet dimensions 1800 x 1000mm.
Expanded polyethylene Wikipedia.
July 2016 Learn how and when to remove this template message. Learn how and when to remove this template message. Expanded polyethylene or EPE is non crosslinked closed-cell polyethylene foam made from low-density polyethylene LDPE resins. EPE foam has good thermal insulation properties and is also waterproof thus it has large number of packaging applications. It is manufactured using an extrusion process and is normally available in several forms i.e. sheets rolls pipes rods L sections C sections and U sections with each have its own set of uses. It is most widely used in form of sheets and rolls. This material related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.
What Is EPE Expandable Polyethylene?
Greenmax machines are one of brands of INTCO Recycling Company. INTCO have offered a series of machines that could handle and recycle waste EPE foam. INTCO have produced EPE foam recycling machines which could smash waste EPE and compact waste foam into blocks or melt them down to blocks. Then the handled waste EPE foam could be made into other products. Importantly INTCO is one of the largest waste plastic foam buyers in the world. INTCO will buy back the compacted or melted waste EPE foam of Greenmax machines buyers and we will pelletize the foam and make them into useful products. Then Greenmax buyers could get benefits after selling waste foams to us.
EPE Foam Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters.
Indra Glowtech offers an innovative substitute to EPE Foam as a packing cushioning material Airofill. The unique difference between EPE Foam Airofill is that the EPE Foam occupies same more. Rs 0.30 Square Inch. Approximate Price Rs 0.30 / Square Inch. Indra Glowtech Private Limited. Goregaon East Mumbai No. 3 C 29 B Wing Gokuldham Goregaon East Mumbai 400063 Maharashtra. INTACT Packaging Group client centric firm we are involved in offering an excellent range of Foam Cushioning. Offer products are highly reckoned with our clients due to their various more.
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Very unique heat lamination process is used to build up the thickness from 5 mm to 100 mm and many more versatile laminated foam products also available. RHYNO EPE is a very versatile and a unique product by its valuable characteristics suitable in packaging / automobile / construction / insulation / marine / sports and many other industries. RHYNO EPE is available in standard form of roll and sheet adhesive backed blocks diecut components pouches cut pieces fabricated fitments 3-D covers laminated rolls with aluminum / kraft paper / air bubble sheet / HDPE sheets. Cushioning and shock absorption property. Water / moisture resistance.
Expanded Polyethylene Foam EPE Planks Sheets Fabrication.
Expanded polyethylene foam also known as EPE is a molded semi-rigid non crosslinked and closed-cell type of polyethylene foam that has a near-infinite amount of applications due to the following characteristics. High load bearing capacity. Mulitple strike energy management. Excellent compressive creep properties. Less concavity when die-cut compared to PE XLPE.
Foam materials EPP Foam EPE Foam EPS Foam.
Foam materials EPP Foam EPE Foam EPS Foam. No one in the industry knows more about foam materials EPP foam EPE foam and EPS foam than the professionals at EFP. We've helped companies find the best materials to meet their component and packaging needs for over 50 years. We understand how raw materials perform in a variety of conditions and the most effective applications for various foam materials. We apply that knowledge to your packaging or component's unique situation. Foam materials including EPP foam EPE foam and EPS foam have specific qualities that suit various uses.

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